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Social Media Management

Social Media

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Website Design

It was 2008 when it took months to build a website. But now?? It takes us average one week to get a website designed for our clients. Including custom design, content, imagery, more?

Paid Advertising

Advertise and grow quick – no matter where – Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Twitter Ads, Linkedin Ads – you gotta be there!

Social Media Marketing

If you are not utilizing Social Media, you are loosing potential new revenue streams. Period!

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an art – to leverage not just standard Google search, but its all types of search methods. Wanna show up on Maps, Products lists, Featured Snippets? Hit that sign up button!

Influencer Marketing

Need someone to promote your business online? Influence Marketing is the key to get the exposure! I will do the PR Outreach for you!

What My clients say about me?

Verified recommendations straight from my Linkedin!

Greg Hooper - Director at Hawthorn Signs & Neon - Melbourne, Australia

I have worked with Rohan a number of times and found his work to be of excellent quality and knowlegable for there industry. The team is always willing to help and fix any issues for me when or if I have any. I recommend Rohan very highly, great work, prompt and on time. Thank you Rohan

Danny Ali - CEO at GoOffers - Los Angeles, United States

Rohan and the team have exceeded our expectations in every way, and every web development company should strive to be like them. We gave them a fairly complex system and told them to build it. They first analyzed it, and gave us the game plan. After we approved, they started building, based on the blue print they gave us. They have met every deadline, and they are true to their word. When you hire him, you will get a commitment from a team to see the job finished!

Brent Reynard - Owner at Liguna Beach Beer Company - Orange County, California, United States

Rohan helped turn my concept of a business application into reality. He is a very smart professional who gets things done! His work is exact to specs and his costs are very reasonable. I would highly recommend Rohan for any of your development work.

Mohammed Al-bayati - Founder & CEO at Mustachee - Turkey

Rohan is very intellectual and hard worker person. He is the person who you can depend on. More importantly, he never complains about additional tasks, and he does them with smile. Don't hesitate to give him a chance, and I'm sure he will make you happy. Moreover, he is an honest person with very professional attitude. I really recommend everyone to hire him.


How much and How long?

Giving a straight forward, upfront price is like measuring the power of all horses in the race to be the same! (That’s what my mentor said when I asked him this question!) 

But there has to be a range, right? Well, contact me and let’s discuss how I and my team can help you out!

How long are you in business?

I started as a freelancer back in 2012 when I was about to complete my University degree in Computer Engineering.

I co-founded a web agency called Ronnie WebSolutions in 2013. To answer the question, its 6 years as of 2018!

Which platforms do you work on?

I make websites with WordPress, eCommerce stores with Shopify and WooCommerce, Web apps with PHP and manage social media through a custom made social dashboard.

I can put together a team of experts to work for you – that’s what I specialize in! Platforms don’t matter!

Confidential - Do you sign NDA?

Everybody have secrets! Yes, I do sign NDAs and don’t mention your or your organization’s name to anybody!

Can you help me build a copy of ( X ) ?

If it was that easy, I would have built it, and launched it already!

Remember – 80% people know 20% hustle of successful entrepreneurs. Don’t be a wannabe-preneur – bring an original idea!

X = Any successful online business

Whats wrong with my business?

The #1 reason why your business is not at the stage it should be – is you don’t have the right strategy.

Let me help you build a strategy, and execute it as well!

How do you provide updates?

We use all kinds of project collaboration tools – project management, time tracking, performance tracking, audio and video calls, to name a few.

Once your project gets started, we set you up with our systems!

Are you expensive?

May be, I mean I don’t know what expensive means to you.

Consider 10 – 20% of your business operation budget spent on your online efforts and you will be on a good track!

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